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June 29th, 2024
At; Cas Mila, Carrer sa Morena, Cala Tarida, 07829, Ibiza
Can you make it?
Join us in Ibiza

Dan & Fabia

You are cordially invited to celebrate the
marriage of

Our Love Story
Dan and Fabia's love story blossomed from a chance encounter at the Covent Garden Flower Market in March 2022. On that Mothers Day morning, their initial meeting wasn't fueled by love at first sight. Rather, Dan had a practical reason for being there—to get his invoices paid. However, as time went on, their friendship began to flourish, much like the flowers they were surrounded by.
As Dan and Fabia got to know each other better, their connection deepened. They discovered shared interests, exchanged stories, and spent more time together. They found solace and comfort in each other's presence, and a beautiful bond started to form.
With each passing day, their friendship evolved into something more profound—an undeniable love. Dan and Fabia's hearts intertwined like the vines of a climbing rose, and they couldn't ignore the growing affection they felt for one another.
Their love story mirrored the growth and beauty of the flowers they admired that fateful day at the market. Just as flowers need nurturing, patience, and care to bloom into something extraordinary, Dan and Fabia's relationship grew steadily over time.
The Covent Garden Flower Market became a significant place for them, symbolizing the origin of their love story. Whenever they returned to the market, memories of that first meeting flooded their minds, reminding them of the serendipity that brought them together.
Dan and Fabia's journey teaches us that love can sprout unexpectedly from the smallest of seeds. It may not always be love at first sight, but with time and nurturing, it can flourish into something truly magical.

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Travel Information


Arrival: Guests can easily reach Ibiza with direct flights from major cities. It is recommended to arrive at least two days before the wedding.

Dan & Fabia shall be on the Island of Ibiza from

22nd June to the 6th July.

Airport Address:  07820, Balearic Islands, Spain


Venue Address: The wedding venue is located at

Cas Mila, Cala Tarida, Ibiza

Guests can simply instruct their taxi drivers to take them there.

Taxi No: +34 657 357 288


Departure: After the wedding, transportation back to Plastik Ibiza, 1.30am  has been

arranged, and guests will be provided with a coach for their convenience.


Ibiza is known for its luxurious hotels and villas with stunning views of the

Mediterranean Sea. Cala Tarida is situated on the West of the Island, where it has amazing sunsets and quite sandy beaches..

Here are a few hotels that are the

closest to the venue and the beach

TUI BLUE Tarida Beach

Insotel Tarida Beach Resort & Spa

Insotel Club Tarida Playa


Sunday 30th June
You are also invited to join the 
wedding party at
Ocean Beach Club - San Antonio from 2pm 

O Beach Ibiza, Carrer des Molí, 12-14, 07820 Ibiza, Illes Balears, Spain


Your presence at our wedding is the best gift we could ask for. However, if you would like to contribute to our future together, we have set up a honeymoon pot that will help us create new memories and start our new life as Mr & Mrs.

Thank you for being a part of our special day!

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